There are hundreds of annual conferences for accountants, small businesses, entrepreneurs and developers to meet within their respective niches, but Intuit’s upcoming QuickBooks Connect Conference brings all four entities together for an unprecedented, spectacular event. Intuit’s unique position of building platforms that allow them to bring everyone together, and they are motivated by a strong commitment to help every one of their customers be successful.

QuickBooks Connect 2014QuickBooks Connect will take place October 21st through October 23rd, 2014, in San Jose, CA, and entrepreneurs will enjoy an amazing experience making valuable connections and learning savvy techniques designed to help them advance their business.

The magnitude of the conference is fantastic in its own right, but here are three more exciting reasons businesses should attend QuickBooks Connect:

An incredible panel of business savvy, inspirational speakers

One of Intuit’s main goals for QuickBooks Connect is to create an educational, inspirational atmosphere where entrepreneurs learn practical information to run their businesses better, and they’ve booked an ideal panel of speakers to do just that. Main Stage speakers include popular celebrities Martha StewartArianna HuffingtonMark Andreessen, and Bill Rancic. They’ll be sharing their inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles, battering down barriers, and offering valuable business tips and tools to help businesses become better at what they do.

In addition to the celebrity panel, Intuit founder Scott Cook and CEO Brad Smith will look at current trends shaping the future of entrepreneurship, and author and international speaker, Les McKeown, will be sharing valuable insights on small business growth. Also on board sharing insights on business success is Ronald Baker, CPA, author, and founder of VeraSage Institute, and Debbie Sterling, inventor and CEO of the unique, innovative toy company, GoldieBlox.

Invaluable educational opportunities for businesses 

Speed mentoring sessions will offer 1-on-1 conversations with 2-3 business experts, there will be a dedicated Q&A bar comprised of Intuit employees to answer small business questions, and sponsor booths with product experts will share demos with participants for even more learning opportunities. There will be a special session on Starting a Business-Days 1-100, providing relevant knowledge for new business owners, and there will be an awesome innovation gallery walk highlighting the best tools to help participants succeed.

Sessions and special workshops will be hands-on and dynamic, and businesses will learn valuable insights on how to use social media effectively, common regulations they should be watching covering everything from HR compliance to common legal traps, and they’ll learn how to understand and run the financial side of their business. Participants can also attend a “Reporters Uncensored” session where they can share they business pitches and get valuable feedback on them.

Awesome networking opportunities and tons of new connections to make

QuickBooks Connect is going to be HUGE, because the main goal of the conference is to connect all of the customers in the Intuit ecosystem. There’s an app available to help stay connected with fellow participants, and businesses will have plenty of opportunity to meet the right people. Also, people who’ve only interacted via social media, emails, and phone calls will be able to meet face-to-face, and there’s no better connection to make than the ones made in real life.

We are so excited to attend QuickBooks Connect to connect with other fabulous people, and to see businesses inspired to take things to the next level with their companies. For more information about QuickBooks Connect, check out Inside QuickBooks Connect or read this interview with Jan Haugo, an Intuit Certified ProAdvisor and #QBOchat regular.

There’s still plenty of time to register for QuickBooks Connect, and you can do that here for only $199 at QuickBooks Connect. Already registered? Don’t forget to grab your “twibbon” here!

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