A Review of Transaction Pro Deleter

Baystate Consulting releases Transaction Pro Deleter for QuickBooks Online

Transaction Pro Deleter for QuickBooks Online from Baystate Consulting

At Iconis Group, we are already big fans of Transaction Pro Importer for some time now. So, when we happened to see Transaction Pro Deleter on Baystate Consulting’s website we were thrilled. We couldn’t wait to test it out the next time the need came up in a future project.

Luckily, it only took a few weeks for the right circumstance to appear. We were working on a conversion of a clients’ Quicken file to QuickBooks Online. Both business and personal expenses had been intertwined for years. We had to carve out just the portion that was business related.

Without Pro Deleter we would have had to click each line item to be deleted, click delete, then click an “OK” confirmation. However, with Transaction Pro Deleter we were able to checkmark the list of vendors (from a list of 25 at a time), click delete and within seconds they were deleted. We were able to clean up our vendor list within a few hours, which was just a fraction of the time it would have taken had we just used QuickBooks Online alone. On top of that, Pro Deleter was easy to use, so our part-time bookkeeper was trained and busy deleting within 5 minutes.