2013-09-05 07.18.33I’ve been to several Intuit events the past few years and I’ve come to learn that they never disappoint. They are inquisitive, caring, open and truly want to nurture the conversation about accounting and how to make the life of an accountant easier.

So, it is no surprise that Intuit did it again with this year’s Intuit VIP Summit. This event included 40 Intuit “Influencers” with a variety of backgrounds from accounting professional to media to customers. I only include influencers in quotes, because I was invited to attend. I was humbled to be a part of this and even more energized about the work that Intuit has been doing.

I want to highlight for you some of my big moments from this conference. This isn’t the best of, but just what I enjoyed and observed.

  1. I was excited to be social! I give Intuit a hard time about their social presence, especially on Twitter, but I was excited to see there was a hashtag ready for this event and even a competition for the most social on each day. Side note – I am *not* bitter for not winning either day. I *swear*!
  2. Harmony is performing great so far! If you haven’t heard, there is a new version of QuickBooks Online hitting the web and has already started a limited release to new subscribers. The product managers and execs are watching the performance and things are looking great so far for them. The point of the redesign (in my opinion) was to make the product more intuitive and I think they did it. They’ve set themselves up for success and the ability to continually innovate the product for the better. I wish them continued success on this. Fingers crossed all results keep coming back great!
  3. Editors/publishers are approachable! I had the privilege of talking to several of the editors and publishers and come to find out, they are normal people too! There is something intimidating to me to be around the Publisher of CPA Practice Advisor or the Editor-in-Chief of Accounting Today, but really – those guys are awesome! Dan Hood was stuck with me the first day and we had tons of fun (I hope he did?). I just wish I had dug in more to learn about what their life is like – because I’m a dork like that.
  4. Intuit really is global! We had several attendees from all over the world. Two people were from Australia, two from the UK, two from Canada and two from India. That doesn’t even include the Intuit personnel that traveled from all over the world as well. It was interesting to get their take on the products in their countries and hear what their concerns are. Let’s face it, the U.S. does need a reality check every once in a while to remind us that we aren’t the only ones in the World.
  5. Intuit does listen! I’ve known this from my Council days, but Intuit really does listen to its users – both consumers and accountants. A few years ago, I might have felt differently, but once you are in – you’re in. Intuit rarely talks about how great they are. They encourage you to share your insights and feedback and always answer with “Tell me more…” Now, the problem they have isn’t different to any other big company, they have so many users that it is hard to listen to everyone. And on the other side, as a user, it can be hard to find the right person to talk to about a problem. Shocker alert – every Intuit employee can NOT answer your product specific issue. I’ve been in big business before and from the outside looking in – Intuit is doing a great job. Is there room for improvement? Always – but they engage 100% once you get that connection.

So, you might be asking if this is paid by Intuit? Nope. Did I drink too much blue Kool-Aid? Maybe. But, I’m inspired by these guys every time I get the pleasure to be around them. Like I am with almost every business I come across, I only want to help them succeed in any way I can.

Again, this was a humbling and amazing experience that I’ll never forget it.

— Hopefully they’ll invite me back 😉