Plans and Pricing

We have packages available for small businesses in all different stages. We start with a 3-month contract and then we convert to a month-to-month engagement. You can upgrade or downgrade with a 30-day notice. If you need catch-up work or need to clean up your books, we charge a separate upfront fee. Sign up today to set up a no-obligation discovery call.  We’ll go through your account and let you know the final pricing before you commit to anything.

Notes & Adjustments on Pricing

  1. Up to 5 bank and credit card accounts with 1,000 or fewer transactions per month.
  2. Melio* and/or* subscription and transaction fees are not included in pricing.
  3. Payroll management does NOT include subscription fee to payroll providers. I prefer OnPay* but will support working with almost any other system. 
  4. Additional charges might apply based on the complexity of workflow.
    * Affiliate Links – I may get a small commission if you sign up for one of these services. 

Bank Reconciliations

We’ll reconcile your bank and credit cards on a monthly basis. This ensures that your books have all the transactions that occurred during the month.

Balance Sheet Checkup

The balance sheet is a common place where transactions hide that should have been entered as revenue or an expense. Each month, we review all the accounts to make sure they have the correct ending balance.

Review P&L Detail

The P&L is where you find out how much income you make each month. We ensure that all of the transactions show up in the right accounts. Our goal is to ensure the transactions are coded consistently so you can compare your P&L against other months for management purposes.

Unlimited Email Support

We know being a business owner can be a lonely job, so we are here for you! Whether you have a question about using QuickBooks Online or just want some feedback on a decision you are trying to make, we are here to help.

Record Transactions

Each week, we code all of your transactions so that you can feel confident in the status of your books.

Accounts Payable Management

Send us all your bills and we’ll code them into our AP Management software, You’ll get an email each week saying it is time to pay your bills. All you have to do is log in, click a few buttons, and everything else is taken care of for you.

Invoicing Management

Invoicing is all about the details. You want to make sure you communicate what is owed to you clearly and efficiently. We’ll help you do just that.

Payroll Management

Even though you have a payroll provider, you still have to enter the information each pay period and make sure all the transactions are booked. We’ll take care of this for you!

App Integration

QuickBooks Online is a great platform for your business’s books, but sometimes you need to add-on an App to help streamline your workflow. We’ll help with that integration process and make sure the data gets into QuickBooks Online.

Month End Report

We provide our clients with a month-end report that is geared towards the business owner. We will put together a custom report to help you pinpoint issues in your business and make better business decisions.

Budget Management

A budget shouldn’t be a static document. It changes with your business. We’ll help you develop a budget, track your performance, and update it as needed.

Finance & Strategy Calls

Our one-on-one calls are a time where we can talk with us about your business, how it is performing, and where you are going.