Public Relations Bookkeeping by Iconis Group

Bookkeeping for Public Relations Agencies

Iconis Group specializes in Public Relations bookkeeping services. Our experience and knowledge of the industry allows us to support your ongoing bookkeeping needs as well as create a streamlined process to allow you to gain invaluable insights into your agency.

Public Relations Bookkeeping Services



Day-to-Day Activities

  • Recording bank and credit card transactions
  • Online billpay using
  • Invoicing
  • Preparing payroll
  • Approving time activity

Monthly Checkup

  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Client retainer reconciliations
  • Balance sheet account checkups
  • Reviewing income and expense classifications

Financial Insights

  • Compare financial results to industry averages
  • Determine effectiveness of staff’s time
  • Prepare job profitability status reports
  • Provide client balance summaries

Powered by QuickBooks Online

Iconis Group utilizes a variety of cloud apps to provide our virtual public relations bookkeeping services. But, we always start with QuickBooks Online as our platform, and then expand on it based on our clients’ needs.

Do you know how your agency compares to the industry?

compare-financialsPublic Relations bookkeeping shouldn’t stop at simply inputting the data. You should be using this data to see how your agency is performing compared to the industry. We have pulled data from First Research, Gould + Partners, PR Newswire, The Holmes Report, Forbes, and so we can compare your agency against industry averages.

Using this data, we are able to put together a budget based on the number of employees you have and track your performance against the key performance indicators that are important to public relation agencies. With our support, you will have the tools to take your agency to the next level.

Average Revenue Per Employee


Average Yearly Billable Hours


Labor as a Percent of Revenue


Expected Profit Margin


Virtual Bookkeeping Pricing for Public Relations Agencies

Our research shows that public relations agencies under 10 employees or under $2 million in revenue can greatly benefit from hiring a virtual bookkeeper. It is important to have an understanding of your numbers and to keep your books organized at all times. That is where Iconis Group comes in. We fill the gap of having a full-time finance department at the fraction of the cost. We move beyond the basic data entry and make sure we setup the proper systems and procedures to get the most of your financial data – by providing you with the necessary financial insights to take your agency to the next level.

Pricing includes the following services:

  • Weekly coding of banking and credit card transactions
  • Weekly processing of bills via our online billpay solution,
  • Process employee expense reports
  • Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts
  • Check all balance sheet accounts
  • Review all revenue and expense accounts for proper classification
  • Provide client training on different apps
  • Email our support team as needed to answer any financial or technical questions
  • Interact with client’s tax preparer and provide documentation for easy tax preparation
  • Budget versus actual reporting
  • Job profitability reporting
  • Employee time utilization reporting
  • All QuickBooks Online, and other App technology fees

Additional Services

  • Client invoicing to your specifications and on your schedule
  • Processing of payroll biweekly or semi-monthly on client’s payroll provider
    * Payroll provider fees are not included in our monthly fee
  • Additional app integrations outside our core technologies
  • Custom live dashboards
  • Business coaching and consulting

Don't Be Shy

Not ready to take the plunge? Start by downloading our guide for Public Relations Agencies: 10 Ways to Streamline Your Accounting Using QuickBooks Online