According to HuffPost Impact, a whopping 1.5 billion pounds of waste is generated annually solely from paper receipts in the U.S. Organizing files electronically becomes a win-win, because not only does it decrease the time it takes to find information, but you’ll also be helping the environment tremendously. A recent #QBOChat covered the highlights of the paperless process.

Going PaperlessIs paperless really for you? First of all, is paperless a good idea or even possible for you? Sure, there are some businesses that might not benefit significantly from a paperless process, but most can and should try for a paperless route. Kuang Chen, CEO of of Captricity, wrote a controversial article, 5 Reasons Going Paperless Won’t Work, and while some of the points he raises are valid, there are still ways to reduce the amount of paper used by your business.

Choose a paperless strategy Since taking on the immense wall of paper your business generates can feel overwhelming, you’ll need a strategy to make it more approachable. Rather than stressing about getting rid of all the paper at once, tackle small aspects of the business by organizing a checklist of “to do” items. Just do a few things at a time and work your way into being paperless. Evernote has put together thisawesome checklist to help ease the pain of transitioning to a paperless business.

There are also several apps to help you, including cloud storage solutions that allow virtual storing of files and notes. Research the different options and experiment to see which ones best fits your needs before deploying anything companywide. Two great resources are Intuit’s and Google’s Marketplace.

If at first you don’t succeed… Undoubtedly, some businesses have failed at going the paperless route, but the best advice is to not be discouraged and continue trying until you find a process that comfortably fits your business. Just as there is an article on why paperless won’t work, Intuit has this fantastic article on tips for going paperless and how it can work, so don’t give up hope!

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