@QBOchat Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group – Name, location & name of biz. #QBOchat
@QBOchat You’ll be missed @tsheets!! #QBOchat
@IntuitAccts #QBOChat happening now! Just include #QBOChat in your tweet to join the conversation.
@IntuitAcctsCA #QBOChat happening now! Just include #QBOChat in your tweet to join the conversation.
@QBOchat Cathy Iconis here running the new @QBOchat handle. How is everyone doing this week? #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch Hi #QBOChat ters! Marnie here from Alberta. I blog at http://t.co/sVjXKMihNA. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Hey @MarnieStretch – great to see you this week!! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Today we’ll be discussing the Invoicing Time in detail. Please share your thoughts and comments as we go. #QBOchat
@QBOchat I bet that @tsheets would have had a lot of great content for today. Oh well #invoicingtime #QBOchat
@QBOchat I see @jtumacder has entered the chat room. How are you today! #QBOchat
@jtumacder Hi @CathyIconis @Marni! Good to see you! #QBOchat
@QBOchat We also have @MrScottClark lurking out there. How are you? #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @QBOchat Like the new handle! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @jtumacder @CathyIconis Good to see you Jacint! #QBOChat
@jtumacder I’m good. Big day today with the new QBOA going live! #QBOchat
@QBOchat I guess we are all early today! Where’s @jazfun @thinkx2 @keepingbookscc #QBOchat
@QBOchat @jtumacder I’m really hoping to do a #QBOchat on that in the New Year. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @jtumacder Any ETAs on the global rollout? #QBOChat
@KeepingBooksCC Here! #QBOchat
@QBOchat We invite all types of @QuickBooks users – #smallbiz, accountants, developers, and more to join our #QBOchat. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Thanks for @intuitBry for supporting us on @IntuitAccts and @IntuitAcctsCA #QBOchat
@jtumacder Yes. Hope to be able to share out soon. #QBOchat
@KeepingBooksCC Greetings from Utah, Brent Blackburn here, owner of Keeping Books & Computing Consulting LLC #QBOchat
@jtumacder @MarnieStretch Hope to be able to share out soon #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs I’m here! YAY #qbochat
@QBOchat Keep the introductions coming. #QBOchat – Name, Location & Name of Biz. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Awesome!! Glad you came today! RT @PetersonBizSvcs I’m here! YAY #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @PetersonBizSvcs Hi Kaydee! #qbochat
@jtumacder @PetersonBizSvcs Hi Kaydee! #QBOchat
@KeepingBooksCC sorry I am late, I was completing the conversion of 4 company files from Sage 50 to QB for Mac, happy to say all are done #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs I’m at ‘Whats New in QuickBooks 2015’ in Seattle – presenting about QBO in a couple hours! #qbochat
@PetersonBizSvcs @jtumacder HOLA! #QBOchat
@jtumacder @PetersonBizSvcs Cool! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch She’s here! Hey Jan @jazfun! #qbochat
@jazfun Hi All.. Jan here dialing in from Dr’s Office 🙂 #VirtualEverywhere #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @jtumacder hey my CC button disappeared for IPN in my DT 13 file…. is that normal? #QBOchat
@QBOchat Hey @Jazfun – nice to see you! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @jazfun Why are you at the Dr’s office? #QBOChat
@QBOchat Q1: How can businesses track and invoice time by using QuickBooks Online? #QBOchat
@jj_watson @IntuitAccts Hello, Mindy! #QBOchat
@QBOchat A1: Setup time entry users in QuickBooks Online to track time and link to invoices later. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch Congratulations! @jj_watson #QBOchat @MethodCRM #QBOchat
@KeepingBooksCC A1 I am a little embarrassed to say I have never used QBO’s time feature, not when I have @Tsheets to handle it! #qbochat
@MethodCRM RT @jj_watson: @MarnieStretch @QBOchat @MethodCRM Good, thanks! We just launched for QBO Canada! And yours? #QBOChat
@QBOchat Is @kimtuitive out there? #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @QBOchat A1- @tsheets or built in systems, there are a ton of different platforms that or course I cant think of right meow 😉 #QBOchat
@QBOchat @KeepingBooksCC @Tsheets That shouldn’t be embarrassing. #QBOchat
@mindy4Intuit Hi @jazfun! So good to hear from you!! Hi @JJ_Watson! #QBOchat
@jj_watson @alisonatintuit Welcome! Hope all is well! #QBOChat
@jtumacder @PetersonBizSvcs Not normal. Merchant account may have gotten unlinked #QBOchat
@QBOchat @KeepingBooksCC @Tsheets We want to share what all QuickBooks Online can do, but we also want to learn about other products. #QBOchat
@jazfun Saw her at #CPASuccess with @gaperry! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch Cat on the brain @PetersonBizSvcs? #QBOchat @tsheets #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @jj_watson @MarnieStretch @qbopro @jazfun Jim: I came across the show picture from vegas yesterday! should we share? #QBOchat
@QBOchat A1: QuickBooks Online provides an unlimited number of time entry users. #QBOchat
@jj_watson @PetersonBizSvcs Was that a Freudian slip with the “meow?” #QBOchat
@AustinNexus Sorry to miss #qbochat today – at #CPASuccess in Dallas with @jim_mcginnis and @Kimtuitive. See y’all next week!
@PetersonBizSvcs @jtumacder weird thing is that my e-check is still on…. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit . @QBOchat @jazfun @jj_watson thanks you guys!! #qbochat
@QBOchat @AustinNexus @jim_mcginnis @Kimtuitive We miss you all! (But watching that live too!) #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @AustinNexus Say hi to @jim_mcginnis and @Kimtuitive! #QBOChat
@jtumacder @mindy4Intuit Hi Mindy! #QBOchat
@thinkx2 Mary Longacre, in Alexandria VA joining #QBOChat #LateLikeLeary b/c I had to pick up my #QBcar at the shop! http://t.co/fG9Rg0CG9e
@PetersonBizSvcs @jj_watson no that’s just my thing 😉 #QBOchat
@jtumacder @PetersonBizSvcs That is strange #QBOchat
@QBOchat @thinkx2 Adorable!! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @QBOchat I’m live in Dallas at #CPASuccess watching @StacyKildal @DarrenRoot & @jim_mcginnis talk #QBO #QBOChat http://t.co/ZCWIk0uqNV
@jj_watson @PetersonBizSvcs @MarnieStretch @QBOPro @jazfun Hah…do it! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @thinkx2 Love it! #QBOChat
@QBOchat A1: Delayed charges can be created to represent time or services that need to billed later. #QBOchat
@jazfun if you all can multi task Listen to @jim_mcginnis & @stacykildal @DarrenRoot speaking Now! @CPASuccess #QBOchat
@jtumacder Hi @alisonatintuit @Kimtuitive @jazfun #QBOchat
@jj_watson @thinkx2 Nice! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch Link? @jazfun @jim_mcginnis @stacykildal @DarrenRoot @CPASuccess #qbochat
@alisonatintuit . @Kimtuitive @QBOchat @StacyKildal @DarrenRoot @jim_mcginnis SO COOL! great pic of great peeps. #QBOChat #CPASuccess
@jazfun @thinkx2 Love your car~ #QBOchat
@QBOchat Next time @CPASuccess is on, we need to do it with #QBOchat live 🙂 #QBOchat
@jazfun http://t.co/VBmsHGRJPP @MarnieStretch #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @jazfun Thanks! #QBOChat
@QBOchat I have a feeling we’ve lost a ton of people to @CPASuccess today. #QBOchat
@QBOchat A1: Make sure to turn on “track expenses by customer” and “make expenses billable” in Company Settings. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @QBOchat @CPASuccess That would explain it! I was thinking holiday hangover! #QBOChat
@mindy4Intuit Hi @jazfun @jj_watson @jtumacder @MarnieStretch and all! I’m having a little trouble with Nurph, but I think I’m good now… #QBOchat
@jazfun @QBOchat @CPASuccess Agreed.. Great content & Fantabulous Speakers. Informative.. A MUST #QBOchat
@QBOchat Maybe we can get @jimbakes to join us on here while everyone is watching @CPASuccess ;0 #QBOchat
@jazfun @mindy4Intuit @jj_watson @jtumacder @MarnieStretch Welcome back #QBOchat
@JonReifler Jon in Grand Rapids, MI w. Cloud Apps Consulting …Hi everyone…sorry I am late…busy setting up new apps practice #qbochat
@PetersonBizSvcs @jj_watson @MarnieStretch @QBOPro @jazfun hahahahahaha! @Kimtuitive what do you think of our shoe? #QBOChat http://t.co/Mt2bJRzFMX
@thinkx2 Kaydee, Can I really set up a new #QBOA account to get the new interface right away? #QBOchat @PetersonBizSvcs
@QBOchat Great to have you join us @JonReifler! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @thinkx2 @PetersonBizSvcs I’m curious to. Or does my existing account roll over? #QBOChat
@MarnieStretch @thinkx2 @PetersonBizSvcs too too too too too too too #QBOChat
@QBOchat Q2: What invoice customizations are available for invoicing time entry in QuickBooks Online? #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @PetersonBizSvcs @jj_watson @QBOPro @jazfun @Kimtuitive Haha! That’s awesome! #QBOChat
@PetersonBizSvcs @thinkx2 well… the term ‘right away’ is not in the description – but you can sign up to be converted. I’ll find out ETA #QBOchat
@DanethaDoe Sorry I have to miss #QBOchat today! Hope you all have a great day.
@QBOchat Miss ya! RT @DanethaDoe Sorry I have to miss #QBOchat today! Hope you all have a great day. #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @MarnieStretch @thinkx2 I also have a workaround if it is going to take too long 🙂 #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @DanethaDoe You too! Next week maybe 🙂 #QBOChat
@QBOchat A2: To access invoice customization options, go to Company Settings > Sales > Customize. #QBOchat
@jtumacder Love that if you delete an invoice with time/expenses on it they become billable again! #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit . @DanethaDoe We will miss you gorgeous girl! #qbochat
@QBOchat @jtumacder Great point! #QBOchat
@thinkx2 A1.@QBOchat #QBOchat I love how the QBO audit log backs up the time entries for log in and log out times (if we forget to enter our time!)
@Kimtuitive @PetersonBizSvcs @jj_watson @MarnieStretch @QBOPro @jazfun how do I always miss the best shoes in Vegas?! 🙂 Love it! #QBOChat
@QBOchat A2: Invoices can be customized to shoe employee names and/or hours and rate. #QBOchat
@jtumacder A3: Can add a service field to timesheets (advanced settings – Time tracking) #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @QBOchat LOL @kimtuitive has you thinking about shoes now! #QBOChat
@thinkx2 My current QBOA login seems to be messed up anyway, so I wouldn’t mind a new one! (long story) #QBOchat @PetersonBizSvcs @MarnieStretch
@BrookeHRob Whoops! Joining #QBOChat way late today
@MarnieStretch @BrookeHRob Better late than never! Hi! #QBOChat
@QBOchat No worries!! Welcome! RT @BrookeHRob Whoops! Joining #QBOChat way late today #QBOchat
@QBOchat A2: Time can by grouped by Day, Week, Month or Type and subtotaled on the invoice. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch For anyone watching the live stream….I kinda wish they were volleying that beach ball while talking! Lol! #QBOChat
@jtumacder A3: Can also automatically invoice unbilled activity (settings-advanced>automation) #QBOchat
@QBOchat @MarnieStretch Or blow the beach ball up a bit more. #QBOchat
@QBOchat A2: Time with duplicate descriptions and rates can be collapsed to a simpler invoice. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @QBOchat I won’t lie I was thinking that too! #QBOChat
@PetersonBizSvcs @thinkx2 @MarnieStretch been there…. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @QBOchat Do you think @StacyKildal is checking her phone? Blow up that beach ball, Stacy! #QBOChat
@jtumacder A4: Can add service date to each line item (settings-sales-sales form content) #QBOchat
@QBOchat Or did @jim_mcginnis turn off his notifications for being mentioned in a tweet 😉 #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q3: How does the linking of time or charges to invoices work in QuickBooks Online? #QBOchat
@thinkx2 LOL – no, you can’t write off shoes as employees! #QBOchat RT @QBOchat A2: Invoices can be customized to shoe employee names and/or hours..
@QBOchat @thinkx2 shush! #QBOchat
@QBOchat A3: Activity can simply be linked and added to an invoice with a click of a button. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch It’s funny how #QBOChat regularly turns to shoes and unicorns! #QBOchat
@jtumacder @QBOchat best part is that time becomes billable again if you remove it from the invoice or delete the invoice. #QBOchat
@thinkx2 I invited @QBOgirl to join #QBOchat today from Australia. Hope she can hop in for a minute or two!
@PetersonBizSvcs @QBOchat Bahahaha we totally changed the topic of conversation @Kimtuitive @jj_watson – customize employee shoes! #QBOchat
@JonReifler Hey @Jazfun @PetersonBizSvcs @MarnieStretch @Kimtuitive @CathyIconis Good to be back… had gone through #qbochat withdrawal #QBOchat
@QBOchat @PetersonBizSvcs @Kimtuitive @jj_watson I might just quit early today 🙂 #QBOchat
@QBOchat A3: Once added, time can be adjusted without affecting the attached activity. #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @QBOchat A3 – you can use the transaction drawer to add single or multiple time charges to invoices #QBOchat
@jj_watson @thinkx2 @QBOGirl 7:30am there…and they’ve been busy partying with @IntuitBrad! #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit RT @QBOchat: A3: Activity can simply be linked and added to an invoice with a click of a button. #QBOchat
@QBOchat RT @jj_watson: @thinkx2 @QBOGirl 7:30am there…and they’ve been busy partying with @IntuitBrad! #QBOchat
@QBOchat A3: You can unlink the transaction by clicking the lock button on the transaction line. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch Hey @PetersonBizSvcs what’s the current status of the advanced QBO certification? Okay to go ahead now? #QBOChat
@Kimtuitive @thinkx2 @QBOchat believe me, I’ve tried! #sadface #YesTheyAREaBusinessExpense #qbochat
@JonReifler A3: Love using the 3 custom fields along with the invoice when linking time–gives a couple other fields to add important info #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @MarnieStretch the test is good to go – there are some upgrades to the proadvisor portal so log in and see if your link works #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @MarnieStretch lots of platform changes taking place today 🙂 #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @PetersonBizSvcs Thanks! #QBOChat
@QBOchat A3: To view all your linked activities, click “Linked Transactions” on the top left of the screen. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive #MultiTasking #CPASuccess #QBOChat http://t.co/c0LQeNMY09
@QBOchat @Kimtuitive Good idea! #QBOchat
@thinkx2 #QBOchat The man of her dreams? Mr @QuickBooks meets @msgreen M&M Images by @amycmccoy @NeatoCoolville http://t.co/P38kiyHTUV
@qbclay what i liked about v80 QBO release; http://t.co/nTCiGj7sTw #qbochat
@QBOchat @qbclay Are you sneaking in today? #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q4: Which 3rd Party Apps do you recommend businesses use to help invoice time? #QBOchat
@Mere_Wood late…but i’m here now! #qbochat
@qbclay @QBOchat I am handling all QA for the 4 hour QBO cert event today. so am like gone in the brain #qbochat
@MarnieStretch @Mere_Wood Hey Meredith! Good to see you! #QBOChat
@Mere_Wood @MarnieStretch you too marnie 🙂 #qbochat
@PetersonBizSvcs @qbclay i can help if you want! but i think youre done in 20 mins.. #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch A4 I am DYING to get a client using @Tsheets already! #QBOChat
@QBOchat Hey @Mere_Wood!! Great to see you! #QBOchat
@QBOchat @qbclay I can only imagine. #QBOchat
@thinkx2 I would except Intuit lost my #QBO certification, so I can’t take the Advanced exam yet 🙁 @PetersonBizSvcs #QBOchat
@jtumacder @QBOchat A1: Here’s what’s listed on http://t.co/f25L0kKWXD https://t.co/eE26bDJeMl #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @thinkx2 @PetersonBizSvcs Did you keep a copy? #QBOChat
@QBOchat A4: Track time in @tsheets by customer, class, product and once approved, syncs to #QuickBooks. #QBOchat
@jazfun gotta run all~ Have a great day~ thank you for the chat @CathyIconis #QBOchat
@karldotcom @thinkx2 my QBO cert is lost also, as are 4 Desktops @PetersonBizSvcs #QBOChat
@MarnieStretch @jazfun @CathyIconis See you Jan! #QBOChat
@Mere_Wood @jazfun @CathyIconis hi jan! bye jan! #qbochat
@QBOchat @jazfun You too! Great to see ya! #QBOchat
@QBOchat A4: Use @MinuteDock to track time and use their invoice feature all syncing back to QuickBooks Online. #QBOchat
@jj_watson @jazfun @CathyIconis Ciao! #QBOchat
@thinkx2 I have proof, yes. Just a pain to have to get it fixed, and a frustrating delay. #QBOchat @MarnieStretch @PetersonBizSvcs
@PetersonBizSvcs @karldotcom @thinkx2 nobody freak out about cert status on their PA account today – the system is being upgraded, this is day 1 #QBOchat
@JonReifler @QBOchat A4: Just started testing @Harvest and so far, I’m a fan…not on http://t.co/fVP8pjsCBk yet, but they have QBO integration #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @PetersonBizSvcs @karldotcom @thinkx2 Good advice Kaydee. I always try to KEEP CALM and… #QBOChat
@alisonatintuit @MarnieStretch @PetersonBizSvcs @karldotcom @thinkx2 Keep calm and drink wine!! #qbochat
@MarnieStretch Haven’t heard of them until you mentioned them @JonReifler! #QBOchat @Harvest #QBOchat
@QBOchat A4: Export time from your external system and use @TransactionPro to import into QBO for easy invoicing. #QBOchat
@shaunamaher Commercial break from @jim_mcginnis @StacyKildal & @DarrenRoot’s great #CPASuccess advice. Hi #qbochat!
@QBOchat @shaunamaher @jim_mcginnis @StacyKildal @DarrenRoot > Haha!! I love the commercials! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch Hi @shaunamaher! #QBOChat
@QBOchat Q5: How best can you navigate QuickBooks Online to find billable time? #QBOchat
@Hubdoc .@JamieShulman from @hubdoc only arriving now (in Toronto). Bummed to have missed #qbochat. Interesting & entertaining discussn, as always!
@QBOchat A5: There is an Unbilled Time report already available in the reports area. #QBOchat
@jtumacder @QBOchat A1: Go to customers and click on unbilled activity #QBOchat
@qbclay also, on the sales transactions and customer view, filter by clicking tab for unbilled cost #qbochat
@thinkx2 A4. #QBOchat @QBOchat I have a client who has been using SpringAhead for many years to invoice time through #QuickBooksOnline
@PetersonBizSvcs @Hubdoc @JamieShulman YAY! Love me some Jamies! #QBOchat
@jtumacder @QBOChat I like the unbilled activity tab better than a report because you invoice right from it #QBOchat
@QBOchat A5: A better view might be looking at Unbilled Activity in the Sales Transaction screen. #QBOchat
@jtumacder @qbclay LOL! Good to see you Woody. 🙂 #QBOchat
@QBOchat Here is the unbilled view from sales transactions #qbochat http://t.co/VZqQUAdMv7
@thinkx2 Hi Jamie, see you soon! @Hubdoc @JamieShulman #QBOchat @MethodCRM @jj_watson
@jtumacder @qbclay created an awesome in depth video showcasing the new QBOA! http://t.co/ArxzCSLdfT @QBOChat #QBOchat
@JamieShulman @PetersonBizSvcs sending love right back!! Here in #QBOchat! (hey, that kinda rhymes!)
@QBOchat That sales screen is hard to find – hidden under Transactions. #qbochat http://t.co/VMoHVbjeyi
@QBOchat Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away? #QBOchat
@QBOchat And, do we have any #CPASuccess attendees checking up on the tweets they missed the last hour? #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @QBOchat The transaction tab is the ‘secret’ tab. Click it and enter a whole new realm of info! #QBOChat
@QBOchat Next week we’ll be learning more about @Fundera. #QBOChat
@JonReifler @QBOchat A5: #QBO is great for tracking and invoicing billable time; the apps in this category are some of the best out there! #QBOchat
@MarnieStretch @QBOchat Beach balls deserve to be fully inflated. Have a great week everyone! #QBOChat
@tsheets Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! A4:Track time in @tsheets by customer, class, product & once approved, sync to #QuickBooks #QBOchat
@Mere_Wood Woohoo! RT @QBOchat Next week we’ll be learning more about @Fundera. #QBOChat
@QBOchat Remember to signup for our weekly reminder email so you don’t forget #QBOchat. http://t.co/ULgiSmcw9z #QBOchat
@jtumacder Thanks @QBOChat for another great discussion! #QBOchat
@QBOchat That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Have a great week. #QBOChat
@Mere_Wood See you all next week! It’s going to be a good one! #biased #qbochat