Transaction Pro Importer (TPI) for QuickBooks Online is an app that lets you import all kinds of lists and transactions into QuickBooks from Excel spreadsheets. Obviously an app like this has a lot of potential to make life easier, so let’s explore just what it can do and how to integrate it into QBO. We spoke with Transaction Pro to learn about how it works and its benefits.

Transaction Pro ImporterFirst off, what drives the need for TPI? If I’m a potential user, what’s my motivation? The most obvious answer is, “I hate data entry with a passion!” TPI lets it all happen automatically from Excel files, no manual entry required. The app makes it possible to convert files from, say, a web store’s sales platform into QB data without spending millions of hours on data entry. You can also import journal entries from ADP payroll and solve countless other data incompatibility problems that would otherwise make you rip your hair out. TPI is the workaround of choice for most data-shoving problems with QBO. It will save you time and your sanity in equal measures.

Everyone wants something like this, but are there certain companies or users whose needs perfectly fit what TPI offers? If you’ve got apps that do not talk to QB and a loathing for manual data entry, you can definitely benefit from it. Firms and businesses of any size that need to convert from Excel can save a bunch of hassle by using the app. TPI provides a higher level of flexibility for integrating with QB.

So what are the app’s best features, or the ones that people seem to appreciate the most? Multiple and flexible maps, default values, multiuser plans to name a few…. Customers also love that they can access the app from any web browser. Other super-convenient powers it gives users include:

  • Cross-referencing vendors and customers
  • Updating existing customers
  • Importing deposits
  • Importing Paypal fees
  • Importing journal entries from payroll providers
  • Importing COA files, including those with subaccounts
  • Converting from other programs like Mint and Wave without manual entry

If users run into trouble, what kind of support exists to help solve problems? The app comes with a help feature that includes videos to help get you started. There’s also an online knowledge base available to all TPI for QBO users. Transaction Pro itself says that if you “Need help with mapping, email us your import file and we will do the mapping for you,” and the company blog offers tons of tips and tricks. TPI also has a listing of consultants in their Partner Network so you can reach out to get customized support based on your businesses’ needs. You can’t beat that service.

That level of dedication to customer support makes you wonder, who are these people? What’s the company culture and leadership? The founders are business owners who have written software for their own businesses. Their goal is to write applications for small business owners that is easy and intuitive to use. QBO Certified ProAdvisors and CPAs are part of the TPI team, too. The company has worked closely with QBO ProAdvisors to incorporate their feedback since day one.

While this program is the bomb, it does have competitors that offer a few of the same benefits. But TPI was one of the first importers on the market and therefore has the most options and features at this point.

What about usability issues and requested features that aren’t yet a part of the app? So far there is no import product for QB for Mac, so those users should stick to QuickBooks Online if they want the benefits of TPI. Also, while bank statements are importable, deposits are not yet supported in the QB API. A common work-around is to just use the Sales Receipt import option.

What’s next for this dreamboat of an app? TPI is currently in the process of migrating all users to the new QBO Global spec, aka v3. Users are always looking for more fields and transaction types, of course, and the company is adding them as Intuit adds to the QBO API.

Finally, you may be wondering if TPI has any special programs for QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Wonder no more, because the answer is yes. TPI says, “Yes we have a Partner Network that helps our clients with both QuickBooks and our products.” Plus, it’s potentially a great referral source for those who participate.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of TPI yet you should be. Run right out and get this lifesaver now. You can do it online to avoid any down time. Plus, if you sign up through, you’ll receive a 30-day free trial. You can thank me later.